The role of a Notary Public

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What is a Notary Public? Most people would not know what is a Notary Public is when asked. Some have never even heard of this occupation. A notary public’s role…

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Verification Services

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Verification services are usually third-party recipients of the attested documents by a Notary Public, who want to verify the Notarial Certification that is attested by a Notary Public. Many banks…

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Witnessing Signatures

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Notaries Public are mandated witnesses for signing of documents in accordance with formalities. They are present for the verification of signatures of deeds, contracts, documents for incorporation of a company…

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Certification Services

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With effect from 15 February 2017, it was mandated that all Notaries Publics to issue a Notarial Certificate for documents attested by a Notary Public. The Notarial Certificate must be…

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Certifying of True Copies

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A Notary Public must make sure that copies are true copies of the original documents after comparison. It may include marriage certificates, birth certificates, educational certificates. Most people require the…

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Legalisation Services

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Legalising documents includes documents that need to be used overseas that must be presented to the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs for legalisation before usage. True copies of documents need…

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Attestation Services

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Attestation services are witnessing the signing of official documents & the verification that processes were followed according to the documents. Attesting of documents includes four primary types: Audits of historical…

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